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: 16 / 08 / 2021
tubing hangers


Tubing Hangers are installed in the top bowl of a tubing head. Tubing hangers
suspend the tubing and provide a primary annulus seal between the tubing
and production casing. Hangers are run through the blowout preventers and
land in the top bowl of the tubing head. Tubing hangers are available for
any type of tubing completion. Tubing hangers also act as a means to access
and manipulate additional smaller tubing lines that are utilized down hole
and extended to the surface on the outside of the tubing string or strings.
Packoffs allow tubing string manipulation for setting packers or displacing
fluid while sealing the annulus between the tubing and the production casing.
As well as self energized GSE seals that are installed on the extended neck
to automatically seal when positioned in the assembly. GSE seals will isolate
production/injection fluids from other pressure chambers throughout the
tubing head assemblies.

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